Become an hardware partner has a growing network of clients and integrators using the cloud based system to store and visualize remote data to support intelligent decision making. We seek to build strong compatibility with hardware manufacturers supplying logging or sensing equipment to our target sectors. In so doing we increase the value of our software, and our partners hardware by improving the level of integration. certified hardware partner

How will it improve my hardware?

As an hardware partner (and if your device supports it), your clients will be able to have direct two way communication with your logger or device. This will allow your clients to push out new firmware and programs individually or simultaneously to a fleet of loggers if required, control connected devices.

The ability to easily connect and control and update fleets of loggers from a web interface will save your clients time and make your products more valuable.

How will it help sales?

When customers purchase new monitoring data equipment, they generally purchase those loggers which have first class support. This allows them to push out updates to loggers directly, and manage data as a portfolio saving them time. Our software is being used by large hardware integrators, like Pentair. We’re being adopted by large end users.

As a hardware partner, your device will appear as a connection option in a dropdown menu when connecting a datasource. Your brand will also appear prominently on our website, and relevant sector pages.

Our customers are familiar with using our User Interface to configure and interact with edge devices. The switching costs of our customers using your hardware through is very low, making adoption and early sales much easier. data source configuration

You will have access to the "certified hardware partner" logo to use on your promotional material. We can also provide credit card sized quick connection guide for inclusion with your loggers to further simplify your clients ability to connect and utilize data collected using your hardware.


The development time taken to generate first class support for our hardware varies depending on the device. The fees generally fall within the range of $1500 - $3500 AUD. Contact the development team at to discuss the hardware you're considering first class support for and we will take a brief and provide a fixed fee integration.

You'll be in good company currently offers first class support for data loggers manufactured by the following companies:

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