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How the team at Barr Engineering is able to adapt to projects and meet clients' needs for different data sources and data loggers with customised dashboards and alarms through

About Barr Engineering

Barr Engineering is a global engineering firm based in the United States, specialising primarily in protecting natural resources. Their projects aim to help organisations acquire and preserve natural resources safely and effectively whilst protecting their local environments.

Barr’s projects

Barr’s clients operate across industries like Mining, Oil, and Fertilizer Production and include many municipalities undertaking government construction projects, including streets, highways, bridges, and dams. In addition to more traditional engineering design and environmental approval permitting services, their project services include monitoring real-time instrumentation across geotechnical and structural, water quality, air quality, and noise depending on requirements.

Some of Barr’s past monitoring projects

How Barr Engineering uses

Barr’s team uses to consume data from data loggers, process it, and share the insights gained from the transformed data with clients and stakeholders in real-time, through dashboards, or other systems with’s API. 

Team members can quickly set up customised dashboards or charts from sensor data for clients in without software developers. They use the visualisation tools to effectively communicate sensor/logger data and the alarms/alerts for helping clients remain compliant on active monitoring projects. enables Barr’s engineers and scientists to give their clients an understanding of what is going on at their monitoring sites day-to-day, like detecting and alerting civil construction staff about ground destabilisation whilst working on landslide re-stabilisation projects. 

Monitoring ground deformation for construction site safety
For active construction monitoring during the repair of a sewage line, lead-Geologist Garrett and the Barr Geotechnical team use to actively monitor instruments installed near access points to measure ground deformation as construction teams tunnel down for access to the sewer line. They are also monitoring piezometers for groundwater level at the sewer line and then displaying this data for their client.

Processing vibrating wire piezometer data sources with
Barr is using to consume 8,000 pieces of raw data from instrumentation (vibrating wire piezometers on load sensing data loggers), then processing and presenting the data with shape arrays. The client can see deformation and changes to groundwater levels through real-time graphs in an dashboard, which they use to inform construction decisions.

Why Barr chose

Billing model - pricing scales for different data source sizes and short-term projects

Cloud hosting - Barr's team doesn't need to maintain a server and database in-house

Easy to use - all team members can use, not just the IT specialists

Flexibility for data sources - projects can use almost any data logger type and consume data from most sources allowing for lots of flexibility in specs

Outcomes with

The team at Barr told us clients often want to start installing instrumentation like data loggers, only to realise they need a way to manage this data. Barr is able to offer as an adaptable solution to that data ingestion and visualisation problem. One of Barr's Senior Engineering Geologists, Garret Bayrd, told us with his team is able to:

Adapt for most data sources
“We can create different methods of getting data to the platform that work for different people and we can choose from a wider variety of data loggers to fit our need because we know that most data loggers will work with”

Rapidly troubleshoot issues with visualisations
“ has allowed Barr staff to better troubleshoot issues that arise with our data visualisation with its extensive events documentation features. This has allowed Barr staff to determine what went wrong, when it went wrong, and how best to fix the issues.”

Save hours of configuration
“ saves the Barr team a few hours of set-up time, allowing us to get data from the site visualised quickly on dashboards for the interested stakeholders.” 

Reduce IT bottlenecks in developing dashboards
“The ease of use of allows additional Barr staff to work on projects, not just IT specialists."


Wind, Air, Rain, Water Quality, Air Quality, Noise, Geotechnical, Structural




Real-time Instrumentation, Engineering Design, Environmental Approval Permitting


Minneapolis (HQ)Duluth and Hibbing (Minnesota), Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids (Michigan), Jefferson City (Missouri), Bismarck (North Dakota); Salt Lake City (Utah); and Denver (Colorado), Calgary (Alberta)

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