We create a stronger connection between people and environments.

Our Manifesto

eagle.io is a connector of realms.
In the ever-changing space between the physical and virtual, natural and built, past and present, knowledge awaits.

By uniting people and environments, and making data relatable, we give diverse international communities the power to protect what they care about, and make the most of opportunity.

The forces of nature are notoriously unpredictable.
The more you understand them, the easier they are to work with.
Capturing real-time inputs, and generating insightful outputs, we enable smarter, more sustainable decision-making.

Better for business.
Better for people.
Better for the planet.

We make connecting with environments second nature.

How It All Began

Out of university, Jarrah and Nick worked all over the world deploying complex remote monitoring and control systems. These projects included Water Survey Canada, the Karun River water quality monitoring and flood warning system, and the Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel project in Malaysia.

While working on these projects, Jarrah spotted a recurring need; to have data from disparate industrial systems readily available online, and for the long term.

So he began designing and developing a scalable cloud-first product that manages SCADA data. In 2012 he shared his idea with Nick, and university friend Jesse (who previously managed massive databases for CISCO) and the team built one of the first multi-tenant cloud IoT platforms.

The product evolved quickly from a SCADA add-on, to becoming a completely standalone solution, capable of connecting and controlling a growing range of IP connected gateways, PLC, and dataloggers.

Meet the Team

eagle.io – made by people like you.

A collective of scientists, engineers and consultants, we’re passionate about connecting people and environments for mutual benefit.

Ben Starr

Senior Director, Business Development

Before taking the helm at eagle.io, Ben owned and operated his own multinational engineering and environmental consultancy. With a background as an environmental scientist, and strong understanding of the impact nature can have on even the most organised businesses, Ben has a passion for helping like-minded engineers unlock the opportunities eagle.io presents.


Jarrah Watson

Director, Software Development

For Jarrah, founder of eagle.io, what began as an insight into a much-needed resource has grown to become a technology that makes listening to the pulse of our environment simple, painless and intuitive. With almost two decades of international experience as an architect of mission-critical monitoring and control systems, he leads the design, operation and constant evolution of our platform.


Jesse Mitchell

Senior Technical Support Engineer

King of keeping things running smoothly, Jesse looks after our systems and manages technical support for our customers. His computer scientist and data management skills help him rise to any technical challenge, while his customer success mindset helps him explain what’s going on in more everyday language.


Oregon Watson

Product Sales Engineer

Happy as a kid with all the toys, Oregon helps new customers get to grips with the extraordinary things they can do with eagle.io. Inspired by the good we can do when it comes to protecting environments, he brings the same levels of enthusiasm to all his roles, from customer relations, enterprise sales and marketing, to strategic planning and channel development.


Ridwaan Amod

Customer Success Manager

Taking good care of our security architecture and delivering projects for enterprise customers, Ridwaan understands the fine balance of complexity and elegance. A systems engineer with a strong user experience mindset, he helps make the magic of eagle.io intuitive and seamless.


Nicholas Hitchins

Senior Software Engineer

The industry may call it ‘user experience’, but Nick always remembers the humanity in every touchpoint and interface. With over a decade’s experience designing, developing and delivering SCADA and information system solutions around the world, his people-centric approach to software development gives people using eagle.io a genuine connection to the forces of nature.


Our Values

Embrace Possibility

Innovation begins by asking the right questions. Through insight, experience and imagination, we re-think convention to keep our customers at the cutting edge. Together, we help change what’s possible, and inspire others to do the same.

Openly Engage

Down to earth and approachable, we’re a supportive team that makes collaboration easy. working with those who share our ambitions, we make the complex more intuitive, inviting exploration and active partnership that’s mutually rewarding.

Pull Focus

We focus on what matters, working to set the standard for the industry, and build capacity across the sector. By highlighting the difference the smart use of time series data can make, and enabling people to make the most of the resources available to them, we lead the way.

Stay Switched On

Ever aware, we’re tuned in to the needs of people and environments. Whether it’s what our customers need to get the job done, or what the planet needs for a more sustainable future, we can be relied upon to deliver what needs to be done for a better tomorrow.

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