Weather station and soil moisture management case study

North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network






The team at NDAWN expanded their program from 132 to 167 weather stations with They now publish live charts and graphs to 10,000+ stakeholders through 235 real-time dashboards. And they’re saving 4 hours a week by QA/QCing data immediately with eagle’s dynamic charts.






Image 1. Station locations


North Dakota Agriculture Weather Network (NDAWN) monitors weather at 167 stations across the North Dakota region for 10,000+ ranchers and eight government bodies.
Switching to from their legacy system allowed them to add 35 more weather stations.
With, their team expanded program capacity, freed themselves from manually QA/QCing data and push out data in real-time public dashboards within

Image 2. Screenshot of NDAWN public dashboard (


Program capacity challenges: “Our outdated system had reached its limits for the number of stations and amount of data that it could handle, and it was actually starting to become somewhat unstable.”
Outdated software: “We needed the ability to have instantaneous charts and graphs available for our stakeholders. In addition, eagle lessened the load on our server. Overall we needed more capacity.”
Demand for more data: “By using we were able to add stations quickly and also supply historic data to our stakeholders.”

Image 3. NDAWN Soil dashboard:

Why NDAWN Chose’s hardware agnostic platform: “A big reason we decided to go with Eagle was we found out that they supported Campbell PakBus data loggers that we use.”
User-friendly: “Once we got to use the system after the first week or so, once we were familiar with the layout, it was very easy to use and navigate”
Easy to change: “Eagle’s very modular where you can set up a station with the templates and be able to make the change network-wide if necessary when programs change.”

Impact with

Expanded NDAWN network from 132 to 167 Weather stations: “Over the past two years, we’ve been able to add about thirty-five stations to the NDAWN network that we otherwise would not have been able to.”
235 real-time dashboards publicly available for stakeholders: “With Eagle, all the data is publicly available online, real-time, and the farmers can get the data for their stations and the region whenever they want.”
Saving 4 hours manually QA/QCing data: “Eagle helps with time management as it’s a big time saving being able to do the dynamic charting and then QA/QC immediately.”

Image 4. NDAWN dashboard:

We have 235 public-facing dashboards all on, which we QA/QC in real-time with the visualization tools. We get that data out to the stakeholders, the farmers, the ranchers, and whoever’s invested in these sites in real-time.” – Jonathan Rosencrans, Lead Meteorologist NDAWN – monitoring weather for North Dakota

  • 10,000+ data stakeholders / customers
  • 2.5 million data values recorded per day
  • +35 more stations monitored
  • 235 public-facing dashboards
  • 4 hours saved each week from manual tasks


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